FL6-400 - s - 2 series double shaft magnetic powder clutch-Magnetic powder clutch


FL6-400 - s - 2 series double shaft magnetic powder clutch

FL6-400 - s - 2 series double shaft magnetic powder clutch

 Product Information

陕西11选5杀号软件Magnetic powder clutch profile: magnetic powder clutch is a kind of superior performance of the automatic control components, is the merger by the drive unit and the driven unit. It with magnetic powder as working medium, the exciting current to control means to achieve the purpose of control the brake or transfer torque. The output torque and excitation current show good linear relation, and has the advantages of fast response speed, simple structure, and is suitable for wire, cable, printing, packaging, textile, rubber, leather, metal foil tape processing, paper and paper products processing and related take-up device automatic tension control system.

Working principle of the magnetic powder clutch: the working principle of magnetic powder clutch is mount a magnet in the magnetic powder clutch, across the electromagnet with a magnetic powder compact. When the magnet after electrify, ?


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